Friday, April 20, 2007

Calling All Virgos - Codex Alimentarius

You don’t have to be a Virgo to care about this issue, of course, but Virgos, and other people with a lot of Virgo influence in their charts, tend to be health conscious kind of people. If any of you are proponents of organic foods, herb supplements, live with life threatening disease, fear the pesticides we ingest everyday, don’t trust the big drug companies that have our politicians in their back pockets, or the wisdom of our government, this is for you.

Misty brought this to my attention. It’s important to her, so I took the time to listen. In light of the food poisoning that recently killed many of our pets, I think we should pay attention here if we don’t want the same thing happening to us, to our children, or our grandchildren.

This is a video of a speech given by Dr. Rima Laibow on the subject of Codex Alimentarius. It does take 40 uninterrupted minutes of your time, and I know that’s a lot to some of you. It’s your choice to be informed, or not to be. I’m not asking you to follow along blindly – I’m asking you NOT TO. Ask questions, dig deeper, check it out for yourself. Vote your conscious, as they say.

I know. This is not a fun post. It won't make you laugh. It's not what you came looking for. But it is important to your future.

Should you decide to invest your time, click HERE. If for some reason the link becomes broken, here’s the URL: