Thursday, June 29, 2017

Can Anyone Identify This Furniture?

I know, this is a strange post, but this furniture is bugging me. I need to know what it is for a story. Can anyone identify the maker of the furniture in these photos?

The red upholstery with the gray horses has stuck with me all my life.
There was more furniture, all blond, but not cane. Heavy pieces, but minimalist in design. I'm searching for a photo of that furniture, too. I think it may have been a forerunner of the modern style that developed in the 60's.

(I like this photo because in a year or two, the world would be on the verge of Beatlemania, and nothing would ever be the same again.)

Since you came all the way here expecting a real post, sorry--it has been a tough week--I will, at least, tell you something amusing.

My grandmother, who was visiting for Christmas, took these pictures. The top photo was taken first. Then Grandma had my older sister get up on the table for her picture. Did you catch that? Her picture. Where was my picture? The entire family was in the previous photo, so it couldn't be my picture. I was in the background. My sister was front and center in my picture. And I wasn't about to let her get away with it. When Bossy realized I was behind the curtain, she had a screaming hissy fit. We have continued that same rivalry all our lives.