Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jane Austen and the Reverend Brette Brown

New information has come to light. I thought the good Reverend Brette Brown (real name Darla), who was supposed to be fostering Jane Austen had taken her to the pet store and abandoned her in the cat habitat. Not so. She carried Jane into the pet store and 
                      LEFT HER IN A SHOPPING CART.

I hope if I ever see Brette Brown again that there is someone there to prevent me from balancing her karma.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Continuing Saga of Jane Austen

When I got up I had a private message on Facebook from a man telling me to call a number if I wanted to know what happened to Jane Austen. I called immediately.

He identified himself as Greg Pollan with New Beginnings, the animal rescue group that was fostering Jane, or so I believed. He, too, thought I deserved an answer as to what happened to her. 

It turns out that Reverend Brette Brown (real name Darla), formerly of Las Vegas (NV), Eugene (OR), Horn Lake (MS) and somewhere in Wisconsin (and who is attending school next week in Florida to become a life coach ), who initially fostered the cats and became my "friend," could no longer take care of Jane. I completely understand and sympathize with her domestic situation. What I don't understand is why she told the rescue group that Jane had been placed in a forever home, and told me that she was being fostered by another member of the group.

Around Thanksgiving, Brette Brown took Jane Austen and put her in the cat habitat at a pet store and abandoned her there. When it was time to pick her up and no one came, the store turned her over to the shelter. Thank God it was Southaven Animal Shelter who got the call. Perry Mason runs a very-low, almost no-kill shelter. Jane has been there ever since.

When I started raising hell wanting to know what happened to Jane, the group started looking for her, putting two and two together. The man who messaged me is the president of that group and he knew he had seen a cat fitting Jane's description there. The dates and facts fit, so Jane was found and is, now, finally, in the safe foster home she was supposed to be in all this time.

I am so grateful to all those involved in caring for her and seeing to it that she remained alive, safe and fed that I really have no words. From the bottom of my heart, Greg, Terri, Cheri, Perry and the Southaven Shelter, thank you, and God bless. Happy new year!

If you have funds to donate to a worthy cause, please consider New Beginnings and the Southaven Animal Shelter.