Sunday, August 13, 2006

Who Can I Still Be?

Flood and Fringes proposed an experiment based on the first thirty blogs listed on Sunday Scribblings' August 12th post. Thirty bloggers posted on the subject, "Who Can I Still Be?" Then participants in the experiment go to those blogs in the order they are numbered, read the posts, and choose one sentence from each post to create their own post on who they can still be. It was fun, and very interesting, and you should try it!

This is my post:

I like the road I've taken, even if it has had some hard turns. This has been an incredible struggle.

I stretch with the satisfaction of the blessed and thank the Goddess for my bounty, feeling like my problems should pale into insignificance when I hear/read/see other peoples problems.

I will live my life with eternity in mind. I think that would be an ok plan.

This land full of mystery, wonder galore. I wanted to have more faith, more passion, and less sadness. You see, I've always been a bit of a drifter, lacking clear direction and falling in and out of jobs, homes and loves as they came along. “Okay, maybe just a little longer,” I thought. There is not an ounce of political correctness in this old girl. And to realize how little I appreciated it when I had young skin of my own.

I've been lying in bed trying to get to sleep, but it's now 1.20 a.m. and I'm still struggling. Poor and starving, maybe, but true to myself.

Anyway. So many crossroads in my life, where had I chosen a different route, my destiny might have been forever changed. I’d be crying one more tear.

So even though I'm a little depressed, I cannot recapture my innocence or unlearn/unknow life's lessons. And I hate that I pine for this self, like the girl who can't forget she was prom queen. But, as usual, everything remains quiet. If God is here, he keeps it very quiet.

I think I would like to be a ghost for a while, to observe the living. It’s not enough to create a happy life for myself if there’s so much pain and suffering all around me. This is hard.

I can draw on experience and smooth rocky paths for those less fortunate, help refugees and displaced persons: the victims of an unbalanced world, navigating shifting sands.

Do not remember plotting out this sometimes ordinary life of mine, but I know I can't, in good conscience, place the blame anywhere else. I can still be someone who lives with love every moment of every day. Do it in a heartbeat.

Walking down my road has not been an easy one. Yes, there have been many blessings along the way that I will always be thankful for.


  1. Wow, Lesia, this is really great! And mine so far is so different. Interesting experiment.

    I am gonna wait and collect everyone's before I link them up.

  2. This turned out nicely! Thanks for jumping right in. Now you have time to do six more before Saturday. Heh.

  3. Thanks, y'all. It was fun. I was really struck by how many writers expressed regret and sadness. It made me feel less alone.

    Do it six more times? Umm. No. Not this week. I've got my own writing challenge going here, and y'all can come do mine.

  4. Great job! There were several sentences that I recognized as having read.

    Yours came out so much different than mine, as have the others that I've read. This was interesting challenge.

    And like you, I too was struck by how many writers expressed regret and sadness in their Sunday's Scribblings posts.

  5. Oh btw... I forgot to mention last night when I posted that I took the chance finally last night to visit your website. I love the template you've chosen. Hmmmm... I wonder where I've seen one like it. ;o) ... lol We've got good taste. :o)

    I haven't had the chance to read through the entire site yet, but I'm impressed with what I've read so far and will return to read more.

  6. That was an interesting challenge with an interesting outcome.

  7. Susan, have you seen the new transparent templates Freewebs is offering? I'm thinking of trying it on for size, if I can just decide on a wallpaper to put behind it.

    Hey Marcail, I'm glad to see you here. I enjoyed visiting yur site. Lots of fun stuff to experience there! Maybe someday I'll get you to give me a lesson or two on utubing.

  8. If Karen Sull believes any of this was copied from her work, she's a liar.

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I don't get it.

    You said,

    "participants in the experiment go to those blogs in the order they are numbered, read the posts, and choose one sentence from each post to create their own post"

    That makes it sound as though you copied sentences from each bloggers' post. If she's one of the bloggers - "severtheties" and you used one of her sentences, then didn't you copy from her work?

    You may not post this comment but I'm saying what I think anyway.

    You may have done this without knowing that the bloggers didn't know about the "experiment", but if you used one of sentences . . .

    I think Karen blocked you because you really aren't involved in the bigger picture and she just didn't want to deal with this issue while having to deal with people who are harassing her. You are just being used and encouraged by those people to further try to piss her off.

    Plenty of people take down their blogs or block people all the time because they are being harassed and some people have nothing better to do than obsess over and stalk other bloggers.

    And no I'm not Karen. You can check my IP address or whatever.

    Yes, I'm a coward for leaving this anonymously but I don't want those people harassing me because I'm defending Karen.

    I don't believe that Karen is a liar. I think that their are people who are using you in the process of trying to make it seem that she's a liar.

  10. That makes it sound as though you copied sentences from each bloggers' post.

    That's right. That was the game. That's what the participants were supposed to do. The writers of those blogs knew what was going on. Their blog posts were on the same subject. Not that it matters to me, but Karen informed me that while she participated in the game, she did not use the sentences from the 30 assigned blogs - she made up her own. All well and good - but that wasn't what we were supposed to do.
    *I* followed the rules. So sue me.

    If she's one of the bloggers - "severtheties" and you used one of her sentences, then didn't you copy from her work?

    I don't know who that person is. but if you find the original game on a blog called Sunday Scribblings, you will see that Severtheties was a participant, just like me. Unless her work was one of the orignal 30 assigned blogs, then the answer is no. It was a blog game. I'm sorry you don't get that.

    You may think whatever you want. I based my comments on what I saw with my own eyes. The woman linked to my post and said I had plagiarized. I have received several e-mails from her, and I think she's mad as a hatter. You may form your own opinions, but you may not post them here anonymously. Any further anonymous comments on this subject anywhere on my blog will be deleted.

  11. Anonymous3:34 PM



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