Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto: Planet of the Soul

Pluto was too small, too distant, too insignificant to be a planet, astronomers said, so yesterday, after 76 years, they demoted it. 

In astrology, the sun defines identity, and the constellation it was in at the time of your birth is what most of you know as your horoscope sign. Some of you read the horoscopes in the paper, and what they say will happen to you on a given day more often than not doesn’t happen, because it’s bull. Those things are based on one thing only – the position of the sun. There are seven other planets, a moon, and several other important factors influencing your life at every moment, none of which are taken into account by newspaper horoscopes. While working as a professional astrologer in Colorado, the horoscopes I typed out for my clients were generally between seventy-five and a hundred pages in length.

The position of each planet at the moment of your birth tells me something different about you. Venus, for example, tells me how you love, what you love, what you are attracted to, what you find beauty in, what is of value to you, including your financial situation. Saturn tells me what makes you sad, what hurts you, what will cause pain, suffering, guilt, insecurity; how responsible you are, how ambitious, the traditions or rituals you uphold. Uranus represents freedom and rebellion, and the United States was born under its influence. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were astrologers. Denotations and connotations of Uranus are hidden in many of our national documents and symbols.

But little “insignificant” Pluto is the most important planet of all. It tells me about the evolutionary journey of your soul, where it’s been, what you’ve learned through countless lives, your purpose for this life, your karma, and what you are here to learn. Regardless of what astronomers think, that’s not going to change. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, of crime, rape, kidnapping, death, dying, regeneration, reincarnation, renewal, and rebirth, all attributed to the myth of Hades, Persephone and Demeter. It rules the masses. The constellation Pluto is moving through at any given time affects us all. When it was in Aries, for instance, we underwent an industrial revolution. In Taurus, a financial one. In Gemini, communications became important. Radio, telegraph, telephones, and newspapers became mainstream. When in Cancer, the emphasis in our lives was on our families. Women, for the most part were homemakers and caregivers who didn’t have outside jobs. When Pluto moved into Scorpio, AIDS became an epidemic. History repeats itself. We know that. But we do not live long enough to fully understand all that Pluto renews because its cycle through our solar system is 248 years.

What’s most important is the house Pluto was in at the time of your birth, and the places in your chart it transits during your lifetime. It’s the planet of extremes. It can work so slowly, so subtly, you don’t notice the effect it has had on your life until you look back on it years later. If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve pointed out an important Pluto transit and heard the client say, “Yes! That was a turning point in my life!” On the other hand, if you are ignoring your inner voice (your soul), if you refuse your soul’s attempt at growth, Pluto becomes volcanic and atomic, and wreaks total devastation. It pulls the rug out from under you. It alters the landscape of your life completely and permanently.

If anyone wants to test this theory, I will point out an important Pluto transit in your life if you are willing to supply your birth information (which will be kept strictly confidential according to the Ethics of Astrologers) and are also willing to verify in this blog the event in your life that occurred at the time of that transit. You will be required to scan your birth certificate and send it to me. Everything on the certificate may be hidden except for the following information: name, date, place, and the exact time of birth. The offer is limited to the first three requests I receive, and my family is exempt.


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  1. Misty1:17 AM

    I can't believe Pluto got demoted! I knew this would piss you off.

  2. Hey Baby Seester! I didn't know you knew about this blog. I'm not pissed about it. It won't change the meaning in astrology. I just think they're crazy for doing it. All of a sudden, people everywhere are wanting to fix a bunch of stuff that ain't broke, and all they're doing is making the situation worse.

  3. Misty9:09 AM

    I stumbled upon this blog when I googled looking for your other one. I no longer have the link. I went to read it yesterday morning and I could no longer access the internet. I knew I had connectivity as my Vonage was working. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Sony. Ended up I had to do a complete system restore on my computer yesterday so lots of information is gone. I backed up, and backed up then finally gave up and reformatted the whole damn thing, grrrr. Yahoo is gone from my computer for good! I have a feeling it was the root of my evil computer problems. (Also, I'm in need of a new pc)
    I wanted to read your last post but couldn't find it. My email isn't working yet so I cant email you for the link. Anyway I will get my email up and working today.

    Ok... so I just scrolled down far enough to see the link to the other blog.
    WTF is up with the planets to cause us both such grief these past few days??!!??
    Love you

  4. I'll have to check your chart and see. I blame the new moon in Virgo for part of it. I'm going to run and see if your e-mail is back up yet. If you're shopping for a new computer, I highly recommend one just like the one you got me for my birthday, I love it! :)

  5. Okay, I'm intrigued enough to turn you loose on my stars...


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