Thursday, July 15, 2010

Broad Strokes / Part 2 of the Astrology of Mel Gibson

Another indication that Mel is in a disseminating and reaping phase of karma, is that the moon at his birth was not only fast in its movement, but was also in the disseminating lunar phase, literally known in astrology as the "show and tell moon." You can't say Mel hasn't lived up to that part of his chart.

People born during this moon phase have to synchronize their work with that of others, willingly or not, but are usually astute in business, and fortunate in both contacts and contracts. Plans and dreams (or roles) studied for or begun in previous lives become concrete reality in this one. His work is well known, widely shared, and constantly under a microscope being reviewed for artistic, social and commercial value, never more than now.

Another clue that Mel is in a disseminating karmic phase is that his moon, which is highly significant in his life and important in his chart, is at precisely zero degrees and zero minutes of Libra, the exact moment of the autumnal equinox. This degree of a chart represents ripening and reaping. It's the day of the year when the ancient god of light is defeated by his evil twin, the god of darkness. It is the time of the year when night conquers day. It is preparing to wind down, a ticking internal clock that warns time is almost up.

Let's see what he brought with him this time around to help him achieve his life's purpose.
In Mel's chart, the majority of his planets are in the western hemisphere, indicating that his choices and actions in life must be made with consideration of those to whom he is obligated, and also that he has life issues regarding playing well with others. He must interact and gain their cooperation in order to make his own goals a reality.

The majority are also below the horizon, which in an ordinary person's chart might mean shyness or reticence, because the opposite, having the majority of planets in the upper half of the chart, gives a public persona. But in Mel's chart, all those hiding planets are indicative of a very private person in his personal life.

Likewise, the majority of his planets are in cardinal mode and the water element, which gives his life and personality an over-all Cancer flavor, emphasizing his home/ family/ domestic matters/ real estate / and issues with women and children, in both his personality and his karmic lessons.

The pattern of the planets in Mel's chart create a bowl pattern, with Uranus in Leo and Venus in Aquarius forming the opposition that creates the rim. This gives him the nagging and unquenchable feeling that something is missing in his life, and he spends a great deal of subconscious time trying to reach a sense of completeness and sustained direction.


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