Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mad Max / Part 5 of the Astrology of Mel Gibson

Mel has a T-square in his chart, made up of Uranus opposed to Mercury and the asteroid Chiron; all of them in turn form a stressful square with his watery, boozy, Neptune in the 4th house of foundations and ultimate demise.

Uranus represents the sudden, unexpected, and accidental. Its position in the chart indicates the area of life where the person seeks independence and freedom. It’s a rogue and renegade, eccentric and quirky. It’s the planet that ruled over both the American and French Revolutions. Uranus coined the phrase that rules are meant to be broken. It’s rash, impulsive, headstrong, and fearless, accident prone, and gets into a lot of trouble. Although Mel’s Capricorn sun makes him a very conservative guy (he’s a faithful Catholic and devout Republican), Uranus in his first house makes him a very unpredictable lit fuse. This kind of energy opposing Mercury, the planet of communication, results in the type of verbal incidents for which he’s become infamous.

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