Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mel Gibson Got a Big Surprise / Part 7 of the Astrology of Mel Gibson

Another planet currently causing problems for Mel is Saturn. Saturn is like Father Time who keeps the winged messenger, Mercury, in a playpen, remember? Imagine what it's like to have wings and have to stay in a playpen the whole time Saturn is around. It could be months, or even years!

This time, however, Saturn / Scrooge has hold of the moon. Saturn represents trouble, sorrow and grief of all kinds; the moon represents women, family, home, and our deepest emotional needs. It's also one of the "drinking" planets.
That in itself is a very hard aspect to live with. I envy no one who's dealing with that now (and we all do, about every 27 years, give or take one). It's even worse for Mel. He's got Uranus, the planet of the sudden, unexpected, and accidental, opposed to his moon at the same time. That's like being down and being bitch-slapped.

But that's not bad enough. Let's pile it on! Jupiter, often described as the Santa Claus of the zodiac, basically represents "Bigger! Better! More!" That's awesome if it's in the chart of a Powerball winner, but isn't such a good thing when what is increasing is trouble! Another thing Jupiter represents is law. I imagine California prosecutors are taking a close look at him now, too.

Saturn will move away from his moon at the end of this month (July, 2010), but Uranus is going to continue making trouble there through the middle of August. It will move on after that, but will return in March 2011. Jupiter changes direction (retrograde) later this month, to continue its assault through mid September. In November, it will start moving forward again, and cause Mel some more trouble in late January 2011.

These long-term transits of the outer planets are like seasons in our life: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The inner planets point to specific days, and the moon, to hours. It takes Mars two years to complete his orbit, which means it moves about one degree in our chart every two days. His energy will not be ignored. If you try to suppress it, it will simply remove the block by whatever means are necessary. Mars is also wreaking havoc in Mel's chart now. It's in square to his moon's nodes. There are always two nodes, a North and a South, and they are always opposite each other (except in some very advanced methods of prediction). One of the things they represent is our interaction with other people. In spiritual astrology, they're considered karmic indicators. Other meanings are in the graphic below:

Wouldn't you know that on the very same day that Mars was fighting with the nodes (other people), that Venus would come along and conjunct his natal Pluto? This is a multi-layered aspect, and can be seen working in several ways:
Venus is female and feminine.

List 1

She represents females,
particularly romantic partners.
She represents money and finances,
and harmony.
She expresses romantic love, as seen through the eyes of women.

List 2

Pluto represents the soul's intention for this life,
in this case, Mel's intention to
disseminate, whether his ideas, or his oats.
In the third house, Pluto is about expression.
It's also the planet of passion,

and vindictiveness.
It's extreme.
It's the planet of nuclear power,
atomic bombs,
volcanoes and
It blows. Shit. Up.

Like relationships, tempers, and proportions.

While Venus is the ruler of our money, Pluto is the ruler of
their money: insurance, lotteries, welfare, inheritance, trust, stocks, football pools, poker pots, casinos, and community property. It's also the underworld: crime, extortion, rape. It's the planet of extremes and great odds. One of Pluto's extremes is depth: it rules basements, swamps, cemeteries, and hell, itself. It probes all kinds of depths: psychiatric and psychological, sexual, spiritual. Those who overcome Pluto's negative traits can be some of the most devout spiritual devotees. Many monks, priests, and nuns have a prominent Pluto or Scorpio in their charts. Which kind of explains abuse by priests.

Anyway, Venus contacted Mel's Pluto that day, so you can pick three or four from one list, and three or four from the other list, and mix and match at will. If they don't describe literal facts, then they're probably at least pretty good metaphors for his current reality.

It's interesting to note here that when Mel told his girlfriend that he didn't want her, he meant it. I have no idea what her birth chart looks like, or how compatible they are, or are not, but transiting Venus is in Leo--and that's the opposite sign that Mel's birth Venus is in, and the sign that a man's Venus is in shows what type of women he is attracted to. With Venus in Aquarius, Mel's attracted to highly independent women with a strong need for personal freedom. They might be a bit odd or unusual in some way, and have a strong humanitarian streak, as Princess Diana had.

And all of that happened on the same day that Mercury, the planet of communication, conjuncted Mel's natal Uranus, the planet of the sudden, unexpected, and disastrous.

See how the inner planets target the day an event will happen? On that day, as if Mel didn't have enough problems, they were aired in public when the transiting sun and South Node crossed his Ascendant.

Expect a new twist or development around July 23, when the transiting sun will conjunct his natal Uranus in his 1st house. I haven't had time to really study it, yet. If I get the chance, I'll post the results here.

Is Mel still bankable at the box office? The answer is that his lesson, the test for his soul in this one, is found in how he expresses himself, and what he communicates. The lesson is in patience, and he must learn to be as creative and cooperative in his personal life as he is in his professional one, in order to solve his problems. Suddenly, again, his many character flaws are becoming general knowledge, and he has trouble accepting criticism and disappointment. Who's going to cast the first stone for that?

The feeling of impatience, of time running out, is acute for Mel at this time, and in this lifetime, and he's going to have to weather it alone. Any help he expects to aid him, won't arrive. No one is going to rescue him from this one. He's going to feel angry, resentful and rejected, and he's going to act out. Proof: he already has. He is going to have to take a good long look at himself under that microscope of scrutiny, and come up with a new plan.

He needs a long stint in rehab. Eric Clapton's Aruba facility, Crossroads, would be a good choice for him. Once he's broken his addiction, he needs about nine months in an ashram to center and rehabilitate his mind and soul. He needs a complete overhaul, from the inside out. He shouldn't come back until he can hold his head up to apologize publicly and humbly for his atrocious and unacceptable behavior--and mean it.

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