Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Winding Up Mel's Meltdown / Part 6 of the Astrology of Mel Gibson

Here's what was going on in Mel Gibson's chart on the day the news broke that tapes existed of his abusive behavior. The chart for the transits was made for July 9, 2010, at 5:59 p. m., the time I heard about it online.

First, so you can follow along, here's his natal chart again. It should be familiar to you by now.

Below is a chart made for the time that I heard about the tapes. It's the same as if I held a camera up to the sky and took a picture. Or better yet, began shooting a video, because unlike the chart above, which is frozen in time, this picture moves clockwise:

What? You thought it was really going to turn? You have to make it turn. Follow along, okay? Here's a little magic. I'm going to combine them. Let me know if I go too fast for you.

Voila! Now the natal chart is on the inside, and the transits (where the planets were that day) are on the outside. It makes it very easy to see what was going on in his chart.

The outer planets take a long time to move through their cycles. Pluto takes an average of 246 years to go around a chart just one time. It takes Neptune 164. It takes Uranus 84. There are some places in everyone's chart that those planets are never going to reach in our lifetime. In fact, they move so slowly that sometimes it appears they're moving backwards. We call it "retrograde," and those planets have a whole new set of "rules."

When a planet takes that long to move through a chart, imagine how important it is, if and when, it makes an aspect to a natal planet. Y'all, don't get all tweaked about aspects. They're easy. Think of a chart as a pool table with rounded corners. Two balls kissing is a conjunction. The cue ball at one end, and the 8 ball at the other, is an opposition. Or the cue ball centered at one end, and the 8 sitting just in front of either side pocket is a square--90 degrees. Sextiles (nothing to do with sex on the floor), are 60 degrees. That would be sort of like the cue ball being in front of the right pocket, and the 8 ball being half way between the near-left corner pocket and the left side pocket. And a trine would be similar, except the 8 ball would be twice as far away...say near the rail between the left side pocket and the left corner pocket at the far end of the table. 120 degrees. Easy shot, right?

One of the aspects that's giving Mel hell right now, is the same one that's causing a lot of us hell. If you were born at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation--mid 1950's to early 1960's--when Pluto was in the last degrees of Leo, you're in the same boat with him. If you were born later than that, you're not off the hook. Your time is coming. Pluto is the planet of extremes, so it's both a generational influence, and the most personal one: the journey our own soul is on.

So while we as a generation may lose something--like our way of life as we know it--we will likely lose something unique to us, as well. A person. A place. A thing. Something that has helped to define us will be removed. It depends on where Pluto is in our chart, and which house it rules.
In Mel's chart, Pluto represents his soul's need to disseminate information, which is filtered through his Scorpio-ruled 5th house of creativity and entertainment. Along with spreading information, Mel likes to spread his wild oats. The 5th house is the house of children. Will he only lose the love child, or the others, as well? If this aspect is happening in your chart, too, don't forget that Neptune can rule spirituality, as well as addictions and conspiracies.

Neptune isn't working alone here. The asteroid Chiron is adding to the mix. Our losses will be painful. They are, or will become, the scab that keeps getting picked, the echoing thought in the future that this is the milk we wish we hadn't spilled. It will become one of our greatest regrets in the realization that time cannot be turned back, and it is too late; some things cannot be undone. And we will learn from that. Besides being the wounded, Chiron is the teacher.

Sorry, the eclipse came and went before I could get all this posted. It took place July 11, 2010 at 12:42 PM PDT..

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