Friday, February 16, 2007

Why Karma is Only Half the Answer and All We Need is Love

Romulus Crowe asked the other day, “Are we making decisions, or are we simply following a predestined route?”

When you ask one set of questions, one set of doorways opens before you, and when you ask other questions, other doorways open.
~ Gary Zukov, Seat of the Soul; page 101

According to some philosophical, theological thought, The Law of Karma must, by necessity, include the theory of reincarnation. Don’t confuse reincarnation with transmigration. Transmigration is the theory that once a life escapes the bonds of a physical body, it is reborn into another, which can include mineral, vegetable, or animal life. My study has led me to believe that while all human souls may have existed in these forms previously, that once they have graduated from one to the next, there is no going backwards. Animals that may be about to graduate to human souls appear to be dogs, dolphins, and elephants.

Reincarnation is the theory that the human soul is born into another human body, but this doesn’t appear to happen immediately. There seems to be some inbetween time. Therefore, the question arises, where do we go during that time? According to the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead, the soul leaves the body and enters a place called the Bardo. I don’t believe in the terrifying hallucinations reported to take place there, simply because it doesn’t appear to me that anything like that happened to Bubba. As much as I loved him, a saint he was not, so why would he be spared?
By reading many different texts, I have come to the conclusion that when we enter the Bardo, we are first welcomed home by the loved ones who have gone before us and led to a place where we meet with a council of Wise Souls, twelve in number. There, we are presented with our Akashic Records (The Book of Life), where everything we have ever done is magnetically recorded and played back for us (our lives flashing before our eyes). Here is a good place to remember that time and space do not actually exist, but were designed by man in order to measure, and that in reality, all things may coexist simultaneously.

Here’s the big surprise: We are not judged. Nothing but love exists in this nether plane of the Bardo. Instead, as we review our lives through the Akashic Records, we experience exactly what we have made others experience. We feel whatever we made them feel, whether it was love, hate, envy, jealousy, compassion, pain … etc, and based on those experiences, we see where we succeeded, and where we failed. With the loving guidance of the Wise Council, we then plan our new lives on Earth, based on those things we need to get right. Because we have developed karma with certain other souls, and have some issues that need to be repaired, we tend to reincarnate with the same people over and over again; the same families, the same friends, although not necessarily in the same relationships. The child may become the parent; the friend may become a sibling. In the Bardo, we are all souls aimed at bettering ourselves, and we are all cooperative. We choose our gender, race, nationality, religion, and status in life based on what we need to learn and accomplish.

The light of your soul is instantaneous. There is no time between an intention toward one, and the understanding of that intention by the other. ~ Gary Zukov, Seat of the Soul; page 96

In our plans for our new lives, we enter into contracts with other souls to return and play the roles that are needed to help each other. Subconsciously, we recognize these souls in this life, and we get the feeling we’ve met them before, or sometimes we’re struck with a sense of déjà vu, that odd feeling that we’ve done this before. Could it be that our souls are remembering our plans and contracts, and that we’re preparing to carry them out?

Some souls agree to come back as users and abusers, as murderers, as despots, as starving children in third world countries. By now you must be asking why anyone would volunteer for such a mission. The answer is: for love. All God wants from us is to love each other. Period. We are here to learn to love and to treat each other with compassion, so it’s necessary that some souls return in a capacity that invokes our pity. They know what they’re in for. They know fully well how much they will suffer, and how hard it will be. They volunteer out of love.

Every time you ask the Universe, “Help me to see,” help comes. You may not always be capable of hearing the answers to your questions when you ask them, and the answers may not always come to you in the ways that you expect, but they always come. Sometimes the answer comes in the form of a feeling - a yes feeling or a no feeling - sometimes in the form of a memory, or a thought, that at the time may seem random; sometimes a dream or a realization that is prompted by an experience that will occur the next day. No question is unheard, and no question goes unanswered. “Ask and you shall receive” is the rule, but you must learn how to ask and how to receive. ~ Gary Zukov, Seat of the Soul; page 82

Sometimes in our plans for a new life, we’re seeing way beyond the next one. As an example, Corn Dog, who is challenged by many serious illnesses in this life, may be preparing to become a doctor, scientist, or researcher in her next life. It would make sense that her father in this life was a doctor. It may also be the case that he was abusive to help her learn the compassion and gentility she will need for the life she may be working toward. She also may suffer in this life to help others learn compassion.

If a daughter who harbors resentment toward her father, for example, evolves into a deeper understanding of her relationship with him, such as an understanding of the karmic role that he has played of activating within her a major lesson of love or responsibility, and if her intention to heal herself and her relationship with her father is deep and clear, do not think, even for an instant, that her father is not aware of this, even if she does not speak to him. He is not aware consciously, but his whole being feels what she is doing. His conscious mind may feel it through sudden moments of sentimentalism about things that he had not thought about before, or he may suddenly look at pictures of his daughter as a young child and feel a pull in his heart although he is not consciously aware of why he is feeling what he is feeling or doing what he is doing. ~ Seat of the Soul; page 93

God does not give us more than we can handle. He doesn’t put the kindergartners in college. Those who are suffering through difficult lives have chosen their own lessons. Sure, some people don’t make it. Some decide it’s just too hard and commit suicide. It happens. They fail in their plans this time, but they will have the opportunity to return and try again. Don't get any bright ideas, however; it will be even harder next time.

So far it seems as though much is predestined, but we still have free will. We can choose not to listen to our inner compass, and not to honor our contracts – which in turn, creates more karma to be balanced. There’s a good reason we all possess intuition, and a good reason we dream, just as there are reasons why people go into comas, or have near-death experiences.Next time, hints to help you know where you are standing on the ladder of the evolutionary journey of your soul.


  1. Sometimes the lesson comes hard and God says "no" even when it is something we desperately need.

  2. Agreed Roxan.

    Another great post. This all makes sense, Southern Writer, whereas I was thinking nothing was making sense. I can't understand what Zukov is saying but I understand it after you explain it. A wonderful post. Thank you for the enlightenment. I will be here bright and early tomorrow for the hints.

  3. Wow. Totally. WOW.

    I am really feeling thoughtful now. I realize after I read your post that loving each other IS the most important thing.
    Even those who are considered unlovable need to be loved.
    It occurred to me why God allows people with handicaps. To teach me to appreciate my gifts.
    This could go on and on as I consider the weight of your words.

    You are a fabulous remarkable woman, Lesia.

    thank you~!!

  4. That's true, Roxan, sometimes He does say no, but He doesn't always say no. Cheryl may have a good point about ... what was it? The Promise? Maybe sometimes we're telling ourselves no.

    CD, I read that book ten years before Oprah heard of it. You should get it. I'd send you my copy but I gave it to my niece a couple years ago. It's a small, very easy to read and understand book. I think you'd like it.

    No, Leary, there is nothing remarkable about me. Something amazing happened to me, and I ran with it; that is all. I've spent decades studying this stuff, and if it can help someone else in five minutes, then YAY! It's not about appreciating our gifts, though. That's good to do; I appreciate every one of mine, but it's about loving each other. Go back and look at the picture of that little boy in the Sudan. Do you think God wants us to turn a blind eye? What would you do if that were YOUR child? It's about helping each other and treating each other the way we want to be treated. It's about sharing the love. If we would all just treat each other with kindness, all the problems of the world would disappear. We would literally have heaven on earth. John Lennon had it right - Imagine!

  5. "treating each other the way we want to be treated": that is my punch line. I wonder how most of the ideas u write are those I had pondered in my mind one time or other. You having spent so much time with those studies, might prove of gr8 help for satisfying my untamed questions relatated to such topics.
    How do u get so much of time for reading. Sometimes Im pissed off with the wastefull graduate education Im going through these days. Wonder why my college is called bests in country! huh!

  6. A very well written, carefully thought out piece southern, but where do the souls of the people of the ever expanding population come from and if we are on an upwards "spiral" with simpler life form rising up to human status where does the initial soul begin. Does a cockroach have the same spiritual potential as a boy or girl?

    "Some people return as users and abusers" Me somewhat agrees with this. There are many hurtful selfish people out there in the world. But me can't imagine that they are acting out of love.
    Me is unconvinced that anyone who chooses that path understands love.
    It also follows the millions of victims throughout history choose their role as victim so that others may learm pity and compassion. That describes a very strange symbiotic relationship.
    The idea that one must suffer at the hand of another or from illness as preparation to graduate to a higher karmic level strikes me as balderdash. Me believes that love is the the answer, but so many people have to discover peace, solace, safty and justice; before we as a world will experience love.

  7. Saucy, I've been studying this stuff longer than you've been alive - that's where I got the time. An education is never wasteful. It may be that you're studying the wrong thing. In America, I can think of only a couple of people who are actually working in the fields they studied in. Often we find out later that we'd prefer to do something else. Check your horoscope. What sign is on your Midheaven? That's the direction you should go. What house is the ruling planet of your Midheaven in? What sign is that planet in? Those are further clues of how you can best achieve your purpose in this life. Where is the moon's North Node in your chart, and what sign is it in? Regardless, I'll say it again - education is never wasteful.

    The Other Side is just a way of saying "the Bardo," or heaven, or another dimension where our souls reside when they aren't in a body.

    Scary, as far as I can tell, all souls have always "been." I don't know every answer, but my guess is that not every soul has come to Earth. Maybe they are residing in another place, another dimension. As for cockroaches, eventually, if they are good little cockroaches, they will rise through the ranks of the animal kingdom and become other animals, and eventually become human, I suppose. Ask the universe and listen. See what it tells you.

    I know it's difficult to believe that users and abusers are acting out of love, but try to remember that in the Bardo, love is all that exists. We play roles on Earth to help each other learn specific lessons, and we take turns at them. You and I have probably played similar roles! We all have. Isn't it by pain and suffering that we learn compassion for others best? Consciously, we do not remember the roles we are to play, but subconsciously, we do. And who knows? Maybe when we meet our abusers in the Bardo, we hug them and say, "Wow! Great lesson! Thanks!" I know I intend to. That doesn't mean I put up with them here. I tend to remove myself from poison, but I take the lesson with me. I know not to treat other people the way I've been treated. I'm not perfect by any means, but I'm not poisonous, either.

  8. Education may not be wasteful. Im currently in IIT Kanpur- the so called country's best. But I still wonder what I will do by knowing all this technical stuff. Is this wat God made me for? A too difficult questions....
    Besides I know lil abt those Midhevens and horoscopes. It will be breatful on ur part if u help me in finding out those.

  9. Scary Monster has a post in his blog about this subject, so be sure to visit him. I may have left out some points, which I often do, so I am copying my reply here.

    I don't believe everything is predetermined. I believe a lot of things are, and then we react to them. Our reactions are our own free will. Which ties back to Gary Zukov's statement about asking one set of questions and getting a set of answers, and asking a different set and getting different answers. In our reactions, we're opening doors. The question is: Which doors are we opening?

  10. Yep surely. And I need to take to the right door. Very much confused! I want to know more abt the realities of purpose.Most of the things around me appear fake to me. But on the other hand, I have my social life for which most of the times fake is inevitable, the education, the family.

  11. How can the number of people on Earth increase? Where do the extra souls come from?

    The Celts, and older cultures, believed that souls had to work their way up through the animal kingdom to human, and were then stuck in a repeated cycle of reincarnation until they finally 'worked out all the glitches', and were then allowed into Heaven.

    But then, if souls are going into Heaven, shouldn't the number of living people be decreasing?

    Tha answer is in the animals. Whole species are going extinct, animal populations are in decline in most places. Especially those we consider intelligent: whales, dolphins, elephants...

    So the theory fits in a rather disturbing way.

    Humans increase in number because increasing numbers of souls are moving from the animal to the human. Some might be skipping a few steps, because the option of moving from say, instinct-driven wolf to thinking elephant just isn't as available as it was.

    These souls are 'first-time' humans. They've only just stepped up from animal. Many of them behave like animals still. Does that fit anyone's picture of the world today?

    It's just a theory, but it goes back almost to the earliest days of Man. Perhaps further. Try the Gobekli Tepe site in southern Turkey: an impressive 'graveyard' that predates any known human settlement. If those people didn't think there was something after death, why didn't they just dump their dead comrades at the wayside?

    There's a lot of evidence for reincarnation, and there are serious scientists looking at this subject. I haven't studied it myself but I've read enough to make me think very hard about it.

    What's particularly worrying is that the destruction of intermediate species in this chain means that souls arrive at the human stage before they're ready.

    That can't be good.

  12. amen RC. And surely there are signs - kc

  13. Saucy, if you want me to explain the Midheaven of your natal chart to you, I will need three things: your date of birth, the exact time, and the city and country. If you decide to do this, spell out the month, as I know people on some continents put the day before the month, and I don't want to be confused. Also, when I say "exact time" of birth, I hope you'll be able to get it off your birth certificate. Do not round it off. If no birth certificate is available, it may recorded in a baby book, or something similar. I don't generally take the mother's word for it. She's often wrong, no matter who she is, especially if she has more than one child. Every four minutes makes a huge difference. If you are able to provide the information, please tell me the source where it's recorded. If you can do this, I'll be happy to help you.

    Hi, SJ.

    I'm glad you know a bit about the subject, Rom. Although some animal species are becoming extinct, new ones are evolving. I've read about them in the news a couple times in the past few months, though I'd be hard pressed to tell you what they were. Also, some we've thought were extinct aren't, in fact. I've been reading about that, too. Just last week, I read about a certain type of vulture thought to be extinct that turned up in the mountains of Cambodia. A white-winged woodpecker thought to be extinct was found in the woods of Arkansas, near where I live last year. I'm not saying you aren't correct, because we surely are killing off many species, I'm just saying there may be hope.

    Now I'm off to Cheryl's to see if you told us the secret to the magic trick. If anyone wants to follow me, her addy is

    Hey, KC/Leary. *waves*

  14. Powerful, intriguing, thought provoking information here, SW. I've spent a lot of time thinking about karma, reincarnation, the afterlife, but I've never really studied it. I seek a more spiritual life, and a stronger connection to my higher power, and I always enjoy hearing the thoughts of other people. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Thanks WW. I'm glad some people find it interesting because it's a big part of my life, and one of my favorite topics.


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